Let’s play a game

As a writer, we all know how good it feels to finish something. With that in mind, our twit-extraordinaire, Brian Spaeth, has hatched a fun, quick little game designed to get the writing juices flowing and give you that oh-so-gooey feeling of completion.

Here’s how Brian explains the game:

About a week (or so) ago, I stole a line of dialog off a TV show and ripped out a 1/2 page script that incorporated it. It was kind of fun and jump-started my writing process.

As you can see, there’s a great blog plug-in called Scrippets (developed in part by John August, no less) that will automatically install a screenplay format on your blog. This works with almost any platform.

So here’s what I’m thinking – I’ll Tweet out a line of dialog. Everyone composes something no longer than 1 page. We all post to our blogs and share.

Maybe somewhere there’s a winner of something or whatever. For now, I kinda want to see if it can get traction and let everyone get some quick writing done. Plus – and this is just me being curious – I see a lot of people talking about writing, but I rarely get to see any of your work – I’d like to!

Without reading 90-110 pages. 🙂

So, there it is. Also, since part of the fun will be reading how different all of your scenes will be, comment here with a link to your blog or hashtag #theofficela on Twitter, so we’ve got a hub for everyone to see everyone else’s work. (A great way to get some new eyeballs on your blog too.)

Line of dialogue is:

Does it take more than three seconds for your email to load?

Okay, you’ve got until Tue, Dec 7th at midnight to post. Let’s see what madness you guys come up with!

Click here for Brian’s post.

3 thoughts on “Let’s play a game

  1. youpenn says:

    Do you want the story to be complete in one page? or
    do u need just 1 page of a larger screenplay with the given line?


    • theOffice says:

      I think the best ones could exist on their own, without further explanation. On the other hand, a good cliffhanger is fun too. Up to you. Be as creative and “out of the box” as you’d like.


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