Robert Rodriguez On Writing

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Robert Rodriguez has no doubt created some amazing films. I just saw Alita: Battle Angel, his most recent film, and it’s amazing. Did you know it’s one of the first films that was filmed with 3D cameras since Avatar? If you still haven’t seen it, make sure to watch in 3D. I think there were some corny moments, but the story was over all pretty cool. This film was originally a manga, and I feel like some of the humor and moments were lost in translation. That being said, to say this film was beautiful would be an understatement, and the action was unlike anything I have ever seen. If this is a glimpse of what can be done in the future of film, I can’t wait to see what James Cameron has in store for the next Avatar movies.

Robert Rodriguez is most well-known for El MariachiSpy Kids, and my favorite of his, Sin City. This week we have a great article written by David Fear over at Rolling Stone. It explores how technology is affecting film, and how it’s making anything you write a possibility. If you can imagine it, it can almost certainly be made. It may take a massive budget right now, but down the line this technology will cost less and could be implemented in more films and TV. Let your imaginations go wild.

Robert Rodriguez: How We Made ‘Alita: Battle Angel’