Lilly and Lana Wachowski On Writing

Image result for the wachowskis

Would you choose the blue pill or the red pill?

This picture isn’t the most recent since Andy Wachowski has become Lilly, but I couldn’t find any current ones of the two together. Nonetheless, these are the Wachowksis. The two of them have created some amazing films, and to be sure some of my favorites, like “The Matrix,” “V For Vendetta,” and “Cloud Atlas.” The Wachowskis are co-directors and co-writers, and have created some of the most amazing film experiences you can imagine.

There’s a great interview here that goes into their inspirations. It’s a retrospective on their films, leading all the way up to “Jupiter Ascending.” If you’re a fan of any of these films this is worth a watch. It’s long, so make some popcorn before checking it out!

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