In-Depth Look – Ridley Scott


Summer starts in the beginning of May now, at least according to the film industry. If you’re looking forward to some good summer blockbusters, it’s definitely that time of the year. Things are starting to ramp up with the release of “Alien: Covenant.” It’s Ridley Scott’s first return to the series since the original “Alien” movie, and it seems he has 4 more planned (including one more prequel). It’s been nearly 30 years since the first film made the world scream. With this movie, I hear he wants to bring things back to the roots. I found it very interesting that he didn’t get his true start in film until he turned 40, and worked in advertising up until that point. It’s never too late to get started, keep that in mind. If you’re truly inspired and passionate, that’s all you need.

Ridley also brought other critical hits like, “Blade Runner,” “Gladiator,” and “The Martian.”

The full article: The Guardian – Ridley Scott: ‘I wanted to scare the shit out of people. That’s the job’

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