Friday Fun – Those Things Called Books


Books are fun! You can learn things in them. It may hurt your brain a little, but trust me it’s totally worth it. As a writer, books can be your best friend. If I want to write the best possible story about a guy trying to make it in Hollywood, I could just make it up out of my head. It could be good, but it’d probably be much better if I read about other people’s success stories, and what they had to do to make it to the top. Another good thing could be reading about worst case scenarios, where the person became homeless because they didn’t make it. Every bit of information can help you be a better writer. When you read the best stories, it helps you write the best stories. When you read the worst stories, you’ll know what to avoid. Reading fiction and non-fiction can help a writer become more well-rounded. Fun facts are always great for conversation too. Just read. It’s good for your noggin.

To add on to this, I strongly believe it’s a good idea to seek out different types of information. Books are amazing, but don’t ignore TV, film, video games, comic books, etc. There are many ways to gain knowledge and inspiration.