In-Depth Interview – Yorgos Lanthimos

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The Oscar’s were held recently, and there were some great screenwriters up for the awards. If you’d like to see a full list of the winners, check out our post: Oscar Winners 2017. We’ll be continuing to post our selections of in-depth interviews for the next several weeks until we go over all of the nominees.

This week, we’ll be covering Yorgos Lanthimos, who wrote and directed the screenplay for “The Lobster.” Yorgos is from Greece, and is otherwise most well known for having written and directed “Dogtooth” and “Alps.”

Colin Farrell’s character gives several reasons why he wants to become a lobster. They are fertile all the time, they can live for a hundred years, they’re blue-blooded. What was your reasoning for wanting him to become a lobster and what attracted you to that?”

What exactly drew you to creating this offbeat world, that sort of resembles ours in that coupledom is praised and exalted, while being single is considered the worst thing possible?”

The Lobster gets at both sides of the issue: We see the potential upside of having someone to share your life with, but also see in the latter half of the movie an extreme version of the perils of being in a relationship. What I interpreted from that, is that it’s ideal to find the middle ground. Do you think that we as a society have a hard time finding that?”

You can find the full article here: Brow Beat: The Director of The Lobster on Satirizing the Way Society Pressures Us to Find a Mate