The Origins of the Holidays


Happy Holidays everyone! I took a suggestion from Wade today, as I thought it was a great one. Do you ever wonder where all of our holiday traditions come from? There’s a great series of short videos from that explain all of our beloved holidays and how they came to be. They have a video for most of the major holidays, and they’re very entertaining.

A few fun facts I learned from them were:

  • Santa Claus didn’t wear red and white until a Coca-Cola ad in the 1920’s.
  • The first revisiting of Thanksgiving took place nearly 200 years after the first celebration.
  • Halloween, for a period of time was all about the tricks, not so much about the treats. Take me back to that time, because I’ve got a few tricks I’d like to play.

Here’s a link: – Holiday Videos

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in there if you’re writing a Holiday themed story.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!