In-Depth Interview – Guillermo Del Toro


Guillermo Del Toro, a Mexican film director, producer, screenwriter, and FX specialist, has had quite an influence on modern Horror. A few of his latest movies and shows include, “Crimson Peak,” “The Strain,” and “Pacific Rim.” Watching his films, it’s easy to see the painstaking amount of time he puts into each and every detail. He currently has an amazing LACMA exhibit, which is truly gruesome and inspiring. Guillermo did a “Reddit” AMA (Ask Me Anything), which has some awesome insights. A few of the questions are:

“From Pan’s Labyrinth to Pacific Rim, you’ve written some of the most epic and imaginative films I’ve ever seen. Where do you get the inspiration and the motivation to write such scripts?”

“If you could make a film featuring just ONE of your characters who would it be?”

“What was the most difficult part of filming Pan’s Labyrinth?”

“Where do you get the inspiration and the motivation to write scripts?”

If you’re a fan of him, of horror, or are looking for a new source of inspiration, check out this wonderful interview conducted by his fans around the world.

Link to his Interview: Reddit AMA: Guillermo Del Toro