Pilot Season is Here!


Nothing can be more inspiring than the flurry of TV pilots that come around every Fall. New and fresh ideas are aplenty in September and October. Some are major hits, and others are unfortunate duds. The wonderful thing about pilot season is it’s full of surprises, and you really never know what’s just around the corner. Will there be any Emmy worthy hits? Will your favorite shows stay strong and bring new and fun twists?

The 2016-17 TV season is under way, so here’s a list of more than 300 fall premiere dates for new series and new seasons of existing series. The list covers broadcast, cable and streaming shows from September through December and includes some high-profile one-off programs.

Fall Premiere Dates For New & Returning Series: 2016 Edition

A few of my favorites so far are “Son of Zorn,” “Designated Survivor,” “The Good Place,” and “American Horror Story.” Speaking of horror, October is just around the corner, meaning there will be some great posts about the scary movies and shows we all love. Keep your eyes peeled for them.