Quote of the Day – Aziz Ansari


“If you don’t write your own stuff no one is going to write it for you. The chances of someone wanting to take a blind shot for you… it’s not going to happen. No one would have ever have written Master of None for me. I had to do it myself.”

Here’s another dedication to this year’s Emmy award winning shows. Aziz Ansari just won the Emmy for best written comedy. In it’s debut season, “Master of None” has made quite an impression. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a watch. Check out the winning episode, “Parents.” You’ll be hooked after the intro.

More importantly, the only way you’ll get your ideas out there is if you write them down. If you’ve got an idea that your passionate about, there’s an audience out there waiting to see it. Take it from Aziz.

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