Weird Ways To Kill Writer’s Block


So you want to start your book or your screenplay. You have the plot, the theme, the characters. You’re pretty sure you know where you want it to go. The only problem is that you have no idea how to start writing it. Something just won’t let you get those words onto the page. Or maybe you’ve already started, you’re doing fine, and then out of nowhere you slam into a wall. Writer’s block is the pits.

You’ve heard the usual remedies like reading or going for a walk., but sometimes they’re not enough. We snooped around and found a few different ways to get rid of writer’s block. Try them and see if they help!

  • Do the Dishes – a recent study found that doing the dishes helps you focus and clear the mind. Who needs a Zen retreat to get you back on track when you can just wash some spoons? Plus, you know, that pile of greasy plates probably isn’t helping with anything.
  • Find Your People! – The sound of other creative people tapping at their keyboards might give you that extra incentive. Nobody wants to be the only person around twiddling their thumbs while everyone else is working. Go to a cafe, a communal work space, or wherever your fellow writers might congregate.
  • Curse – Not at anyone in particular, of course. Try writing a few dirty words, get mad about something, and just let loose and rant on that page. Profanity helps get those creative juices flowing, and studies have shown that it’s just plain good for you.
  • Eat Something New – Try going to a new restaurant or market to get some weird food. Something you’ve never eaten before. The weirder, the better. Write about how it tasted. Ever have scorpion on a stick? It’s delicious.
  • Call Mom – Or Dad, or your siblings, or your friends, or your landlord. Anyone. When’s the last time you spoke with them? Tell them about your day, listen to them talk about theirs. Communication can help oil up the gears of that word machine in your head.
  • Be A Secret Agent – Put on your best Bond shades and go eavesdrop on people. Listen to the way they talk to each other. Maybe you’ll even pick up a few great story or character ideas. Try not to be too creepy about it, though.
  • Change Your Schedule – Tons of writers have set schedules. Try changing yours around to see if you find it easier to be creative at different times. Haruki Murakami writes for 6 hours starting at 4 am every day. We’re not about to wake up that early, but maybe it’ll help you?

What are your unique remedies for the evil affliction of WB? Let us know and we’ll give it a shot. We’ll try anything once, trust us.

Good luck out there, and don’t let writer’s block get you down!

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