Funny & Interesting Writing Prompts

  • After years of gentle persuasion your best friend since childhood finally agrees to seek professional help for serious mental problems. Much to your dismay, as she begins to improve you slowly start to realize that you are her imaginary friend.
  • qosukzuNicolas Cage is completely unaware that he is an actor. All he knows is strange men with cameras follow him around while he gets into crazy situations and money shows up randomly in his bank account.
  • A wife kills her husband. Make me sympathize with both characters.
  • 18ls02l3m7v57jpgWrite a story in the style of a teen novel which follows the journey of a group of teenagers fighting to bring down an oppressive dystopian government. Over the course of the story it becomes clear to the readers that the government is in the right.
  • One day everyone notices the words “Human Update 1.1 progress 1%” in the corner of their eye.
  • airplaneYou’re midway into your flight when you, feeling bored, decided to surf the Internet. You read breaking news about another plane disappearance. You’re on that flight.
  • A writer, trapped in his own book, regrets not writing more interesting female characters.

These were all found on reddit’s Writing Prompts page. 

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