The Value of a Home Library

6FUTURETENSE-master675Jeff Bezos himself would have a hard time defending the nostalgic capacity of a Kindle .azw file over that of a tattered paperback. Data files can’t replicate the lived-in feel of a piece of beloved art. To a child, a parent’s dog-eared book is a sign of a mind at work and of the personal significance of that volume.

A crisp JPEG of the cover design on a virtual shelf, however, looks the same whether it’s been reread 10 times or not at all. If, that is, it’s ever even seen.”

From the New York Times article Our (Bare) Shelves, Our Selves

2 thoughts on “The Value of a Home Library

  1. sainted2015 says:

    No electronic book is nearly as good as a real book that you can hole in your hands. If I read an ebook- I barely retain the information or the story. It’s as disposable as modern technology – whereas a book that you hold in your hands and flip the pages and sometimes carry the fresh new scent of printing or the old perfumey smell of Grandma or the cigar smell of Grandpa…it seems more permanent and more real. The other kind is virtual and virtually impossible to remember.


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