What Makes Writers Write?

Encouragement from a community of writers.


Holding ourselves accountable. Watching a habit form.

An idea that we’re really, really excited about.

Woman lays in hammock writing

Being in a beautiful, serene setting.

The impending deadline of incredible awards and fellowships.

Getting really positive feedback from someone who’s opinion we respect.

Getting really negative feedback and writing just to prove that harsh criticism won’t stop us.

Being surrounded by people who want to be productive just as much as we do.


Clearing your mind.

Seeing a film or reading a book that inspires us.

Finding the perfect background music.

Overhearing a hilarious conversation in a coffee shop.

Freewriting. A mind dump.

We’re fed up with NOT writing.

Seeing a new part of the world. Meeting a completely unique individual.

What else?

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