All About Books

This week, we’ve found some great articles and resources all revolving around the subject of BOOKS!

1. Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro have an interesting discussion on genre.imgres

2. Adam Gopnik talks about what it really means for us when yet another book store closes its doors.

3. It is now common practice for Western books to be censored in China.

4. And here’s a piece all about bibliotherapy, where a patient is prescribed novels for therapeutic effect. The piece then delves into the question of whether or not reading can make you happy.

What’s your excuse for not reading enough?

Not sure what to read? Try the site What Should I Read Next. When you enter a book you’ve enjoyed, the site will offer you a similar book suggestions from its huge database. Or check out this fun map and find your next read by first selecting the location you’d like it to be set in.

Can’t afford to buy books? Besides using a library, you can check out Project Gutenberg: it’s a library of over 49,000 free public domain ebooks. Here’s a list of the most popular books on the site.

Need some motivation? Here‘s an article on how to read more & get the most out of it.bookz

“With books there is no forced sociability. If we pass the evening with those friends—books—it’s because we really want to. When we leave them, we do so with regret and, when we have left them, there are none of those thoughts that spoil friendship: ‘What did they think of us?’—‘Did we make a mistake and say something tactless?’—‘Did they like us?’—nor is there the anxiety of being forgotten because of displacement by someone else.”

Marcel Proust