You know that thing where after reading a classic, or something that kind of takes a lot of work to read, you want a novel that you can just speed through? Or you want a book that’s going to keep you up well into the night because you just can’t put it down?

Well, I’m on the hunt for that. I don’t need to be impressed by the writing, I don’t need to learn anything, I just want to be hooked – right away, and for the entire read. In the past, Gone Girl, The Hunger Games and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have done the trick for me.

So I went to reddit for some suggestions. And there are a lot of threads about this.

  1. What is your favorite (most exciting/page turner) book you have ever read? 
  2. What book was so exciting/amazing (fiction or nonfiction) that you couldn’t put it down and read it through without stopping? Also, why?
  3. Reddit, what are some books that were so good you couldn’t put them down until you finished it?

Here’s a list of the books that came up the most. They were the most talked about and the most upvoted. I haven’t read them all, so please chime in and tell me what you think.

American_gods  the_road_oprahs_book_club.large  name-of-the-wind

021915_ReadyPlayerOne_Cover  imgres  imgres

o-NEW-HARRY-POTTER-COVER-facebook  Into_Thin_Air  lolita-book-cover

What do you think? Did reddit get it right, are these the best page turners?

Gimme some recommendations!

One thought on “Page-Turners

  1. wadewade says:

    Not surprised to see Harry Potter on here. Lolita is such an odd choice for this list. Beautiful prose but not at all a page-turner for me. Definitely want to read The Road. Forgot I wanted to read it. Thank you for reminding me! The Stand was one of my faves in high school.


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