Music for Writing

Some people need total silence when they write. Some need the sound of rain, or the comforting hum of a coffee shop.images

I need music. And I’m pretty picky about what music I can listen to while writing. Most is distracting. Anything with lyrics – distracting. Anything with bongo drums or sax solos – no. So, when I find a playlist that works for me, I make sure I know where to find it again so I can listen to it endlessly.

Here are a few that I keep coming back to.

Downtempo Instrumentals from Songza. I love Songza’s “concierge” feature – it guides you to the perfect playlist based on the time of day, your mood, or what activity you’re currently doing. I love a lot of their Study playlists, but this one is my favorite. It manages to be stimulating and enjoyable without being distracting at all.

For writing, etc. (I) from 8tracks. Users upload they’re own picks to this site, so it can be a little harder to find good, cohesive playlists – but they’re there. This one is subtle, calm ambient music clearly created by a fellow writer. And if you like, there are two more volumes of similar music.

Her Original Soundtrack. book_2This soundtrack is really beautiful, and so poignant & emotional. It inspires me when I write dramatic scenes.

Album Leaf radio on Pandora. I can always rely on the Album Leaf for fantastic instrumental music. Pandora mixes it up a little bit for me, and provides a mix of similar artists on a never-ending stream.

Please feel free to share  in the comments the music you love to listen to while you write. I will check it out.Happy writing!

One thought on “Music for Writing

  1. thewriterscafe247 says:

    It really depends on my mood. If I’m feeling scatterbrained and need to focus I will either write in total silence or I will turn on my radio and listen to npr talk radio on in the background. Sometimes I use my music to help me top understand the atmosphere of whatever I’m writing. By listening to songs that might characters might hear on a daily bases it helps me to visualize their world.


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