Good Reads of the Week

Here’s a collection of great recently published reads.

A writer and avid reader, Dallas Taylor noticed a bias in the books he was reading – they were all written by dudes. So he challenged himself to spend a year reading only books by women. His reflections on this experience are interesting and will make you reconsider your own reading habits. Article here.140430-poenisch-obama-430a_0b8ce7fa80edefc2cebbffdde6bab8ef

Scott Budnick, one of the producers of “The Hangover”, stepped away from his Hollywood career to become an advocate for prison reform in CA– and his efforts have been hugely effective. Article here.

There’s this lovely fantasy of an “Idea Person” who swoops in a solves everyone’s problems with their brilliant plans. But an idea can you only take you so far. Find out more here.

08ATTENTION-articleLargeThis writer talks about how so much of our attention is taken up by advertisements. Once-quiet public spaces are now inundated with ads vying for our awareness. The writer asks, “What if we saw attention in the same way that we saw air or water, as a valuable resource that we hold in common?” Article here.

Creative accomplishments come in incremental steps and hard work – not in a sudden flash of genius. “Geniuses,” the writer argues, “are a myth”. The rest here.

These are all fairly quick reads, and the longer ones (like the Scott Budnick article) are well worth your time.