Old Cat, New Tricks: Casting Frankie Valenti in Tiger Orange

“There’s such a stigma around the adult film industry. These actors are looked at as lesser – like they’ve taken some cheap way out. But Frankie never, not once, shied away from talking about his career, his life choices. There was never an ounce of shame around it. He owned it, just like he owned this new role. And I’m not sure there are many of us who could shed our slick personas, our egos, those very parts of ourselves which have protected us, paid our bills and defined us for so long. But Frankie has created a character in Tiger Orange who is beautifully vulnerable – sometimes weak, sometimes ugly and very often unlikeable. And it’s an absolute joy to watch.”

A fascinating read in MovieMaker Magazine from theOffice co-owner and manager, Wade Gasque, on his experience directing adult film star, Frankie Valenti, in the indie drama, Tiger Orange.

Old Cat, New Tricks: Casting Frankie Valenti in Tiger Orange by Wade Gasque | MovieMaker MagazineMovieMaker Magazine