theOffice is a quiet, communal workspace on LA’s westside. Free from the distractions of home and life, our space fosters optimum productivity and limitless creativity. Our membership roster consists of A-list screenwriters, novelists and other creatives. We are not a typical co-working space. No conference rooms. No phone calls. No conversation. Just you, the keyboard and a room of like-minded individuals serious about getting the work done.

Sherman Payne

theOffice is an invaluable resource, especially when I’m up against a deadline and home is just too noisy or chaotic to get any real work done.


Jen Celotta

I’ve gotten to Fade Out on a screenplay and two pilots while writing at theOffice and I can’t think of a better environment for working. It’s a peaceful sanctuary where focused writers can thrive and unfocused writers can soak up the energy around them and get back on track.



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